haunted hurricane

These screams also kept me from sleeping last night. Hallow's Eve, aka Hurricane's Eve, aka Scary Sandy.

How am I doing? Better than roughly 300k other people in Pennsylvania because the power stayed on. (It flickered off and on twice). I thought there was supposed be worse winds, but that never happened. Feeling extremely grateful for this luck, but at the same time, keeping my thoughts towards those who weren't so lucky.

I never planned a Halloween costume, so this hurricane pretty much derailed that completely this year (along with a lot of things this week, include 2 days of no school).

But regardless: Happy Halloween!


thirty hands are better than two, surely

Lemme give you a hand. Or rather, snapshots of the THIRTY (30) I had to draw for today’s class. Let’s just say after a weekend of sleep deprivation and the other things I have due for this week, I did not look forward to this. Logically, hand practice is great! It’s fantastic, best thing I could do! The timing of this particular assignment is just…terrible.



No, but seriously hey I’m a freelance illustrator and comic artist that is currently attending Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. I’ll be graduating in Spring 2013, which is nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Mainly for reasons of I can’t wait to dive right into working.

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For those who have been following this blog for what seems like forever and are confused by the changes, I am revamping this blog to compliment my rapid transformation as a professional in all things illustration and comics. So in a way, you're still going to get what you got in the past. Just...better looking.