max suffering

Listening to: David Bowie - Letter To Hermione ♫♪

Why is the title of this entry "max suffering"? Because those are the two words that can describe August and September 2014 pretty well for me.

It's been a blur of waiting and trying to cope and feeling completely unlike myself. To help with recovering my wrist pain, I decided to stop drawing in late August. I started drawing again in late September. A full 30 days.

Drawing helped me with everything. So I became a mess. A crying, unhappy, feeling worthless mess. Not sure if it's something related to depression or anything, but dear lord one of the worst times in my life so far.

Eventually I found out that it's mild tendonitis. I have finished my second week of physical therapy and it has been getting better. Slowly, but it's progress. I'm still feeling a bit…out of sorts with myself, and being rusty at drawing is driving me nuts a little, but at least I can draw again. I suppose a new beginning for a new version of myself that I am not used to yet.

You can see some of the new drawings over at the Tumblr counterpart, but there'll be a sketch log with them on here sometime next week. I will be doing Inktober to get myself back in the flow, and therapy reasons. As for 24 Hour Comics Day, which is today, I don't think so. Maybe hourlies.

There's also something else I'm planning to make. I'll make a post when that happens. As for Glass Hearts, chapter 4 is being posted every week on Friday / Saturday at 4 PM EST. In fact, the next update is in a few minutes!