//sketch log 006

Listening to: 工藤吉三 – キザシ (Select) -Arrange-
(I'm forever obsessed with CAVE game soundtracks. They're really really good. Even though the games are ridiculously hard, at the very least I can enjoy the music.)
Aida Mana from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
There aren't many sketches here due to August being a busy month! But here's a notably huge amount of cute girls. Because I love drawing cute girls. 
Yotsuba Alice from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure

My main character on a MMORPG I play. My love for witches and magic extend here.

This is my 2nd character from that same game. She boxes while being really cute. That's a great combo for me.

Alana Wolfe from my other comic that I'm planning, Project 217!

Alana Wolfe from my other comic that I'm planning, Project 217!

Experimenting with lines and my style in general. I drew the other sketches in Photoshop, and this one in Manga Studio. I really should use it for lines more.
Lately I've been thumbnail-ing chapter 3 of Glass Hearts, and the aforementioned working/experimenting on my style more. I have ordered test prints of GH chapters 1 and 2, so I am finally making a move on that.

Also!! Check out the collaboration blog I'm in with my college buddies, Drunk Lightning. I made the above comic strip for the latest entry that was posted today, which is themed after "back to school." It's truly amazing to be friends with artists with such varied styles.



Guess what? Glass Hearts Chapter 2 is FINALLY AVAILABLE TO BUY! $6 for an instant .pdf download of all 41 pages, how can you beat that?

Summary is on the back cover, which is above.
(It’s clear I suck at writing summaries.)

Decided to show bigger preview pages because I really want to show them off.
(And I am too lazy to make spreads.)

No one has bought chapter 1, so please buy that too! I’ve been working super hard on these comics, so I would like some sort of reward from that. Stay tuned for more information of physical copies, because that’ll be in the works along with that long-awaited edited chapter 1!