//sketch log 007 + more

 Listening to: The Internet - Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III) ♫♪
(I love OFWGKTA. And I love that The Internet is another soulful group to accompany The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Both include Matt Martians, who is an amazing producer. Y'all should check both groups out if you want some jazzy, experimental electronic goodness.)

 Long time no blog entry, yeah? Well first off, I finished thumbnailing chapter 3 of Glass Hearts, and it'll be 34 pages. I'm hoping to finish it in general within November and get started on chapter 4 in December. I actually plan to thumbnail 4 and 5 at the same time since it's a two part chapter. So yeah! I'm moving along!

Speaking of working on Glass Hearts, I have been ordering test prints of chapters 1 and 2. And…let's just say unexpected results happened, I got really angry, and I'm waiting on a 2nd test print of chapter 1. If that comes through with positive results, I will be ordering in bulk. When that happens, I'll be putting up prices. (I plan on having a deal for an order of chapter 1 + 2 together, so if you haven't bought anything - this is a great chance to do it.)

 Also after some deliberation, I decided that volume 1 will be chapters 1-5. That's definitely going to be done next year, so look forward to that announcement!
 Also I am planning on getting a new webcomic host for Glass Hearts - my own! I need to gather all my readership to one place, and get more readers as well! So stay tuned for that information! I'm really rearing to doing that, yet no job yet, and loan payments are coming. I'm hoping to get it up this month, but we'll see!
The last weekend, I participated in 24 Hour Comics Day, and did another collab with my friend Alex. It's the 2nd chapter of the comic we did last year, and we plan to just keep doing this every year. I'll post it here eventually, but yeah! I learned that when sleep deprived and had too much Mountain Dew, I become an emotionless page-making-machine and I stick to one goal and one goal only. So in other words, I become more of a workaholic than usual. Yeesh!

Also don't mind me, I just found a new muse to draw: Ryuuko Matoi of a new anime called Kill la Kill. It's super crazy and I love it. And Ryuuko is just the cutest thing ever.

Voice actor connection: hell yes, the actress for Ryuuko DID voice one of my top favorite Precure characters. I still can't deal with this.

 This is said Precure character, Hibiki Houjou from Suite Precure. She's my #2 favorite out of like, 20-30 of them total as of Doki Doki Precure (season 10). So she's a big deal to me.

 Yuris is justice.
 A friend of mine told me that I'm definitely similar to Mako. And I agree. The way I get excited about things is definitely on her exaggerated level of excitement and energy. And I'd be hanging all over Ryuuko too, so hey! This is a huge compliment.
I love drawing these two, but that should be a fact by now. Liam and Michael from Glass Hearts, uehehehe! 

And two fashiony Charlie sketches. The second one is based off of an outfit I drew in version 2 chapter 3. I made a few improvements because the vest was too plain before. Oh how my fashion chops have grown over the years. ALSO forgive me for not holding up Fashionable Fridays. I'm super lazy and stuff happens, that's all I can say.