college thesis progress part 3 // 17/60 pages

Watching: Maury
(Hey, it's a staple of my life. Paternity dramas ftw!)

I'll try to get more screenshots in the next post, I promise! But the above screenshot is basically how I've been working. It's always good to keep a record of colors and stuff you use so that everything is consistent. That, and always listen to music you enjoy. Even better if it motivates you to work more!

Yesterday I drew 6 pages. At the fifth, my fingers were paining, but I worked through that. Between 11 PM and 12 AM, I worked on and finished page 17 (the 7th page). And wow, even now my fingers feel kinda sore from that. I don't really regret working this hard because I made some progress and that's all that matters really, haha! Unhealthy? Maybe. That's how my work habits are.

 Also I couldn't find what door mechanics of these types of doors were called. So I had to get reference on that. I still don't really understand it, but regardless - I've been trying to draw them every time (ie; look at the first screenshot and that .rtf).

My goal at the moment is to reach 30 pages this month. If I can surpass it, I'll be even happier and at an even better place. I have a feeling spring break is going to be when you'll really see me, and my page-making-machine abilities. ⊙ω⊙ (At the detriment of my fingers' sanity…)


//sketch log 002

Watching: Iron Chef America
(Because Food Network is pretty awesome aside from all of Guy's Big Bites…)

I actually have a lot of photos of sketches via my Instagram (which you should follow, btw) - I'll try to get them on here at some point.
The first sketch was during Subversive Style and I was making a new version of a terrible brush I saved for reasons I don't remember. And it's really weird and funky and I kinda like using it a lot.
The rest of the sketches were in the class after that one, Type As Art. The next project is all about film noir, so I'm trying to get those vibes in me, and get some ideas indirectly about what to do for it.

This is not a self-portrait. Seriously.
This was originally bright yellow and hot pink.

I wanted to try my hand at a film noir babe.

I like that first "I" a lot. As you can tell, I couldn't replicate it again. Haha!

Trippy, gesturally-drawn smoke is one of my favorite things ever.

This turned into a larger sketch of a composition of one idea for the project - so score for me on that one!
 Look forward to a thesis post soon, because I actually started getting pages completed today! Yahoo!


capturing my heart since 2004

Cure Sword going into her last pose of the ending song dance!
Listening to “Finally Some Shit/The Rain Stopped” by FaltyDL ♫
(Everyone should listen to FaltyDL. He certainly gives the U.S. a great name in electronic music. And this song is no exception. It'll make you move and dance and jam.)

Last night was the premiere of the 10th Pretty Cure season, Doki Doki! Precure. I’ve been a fan since the franchise started in 2004 (I was 14, the age of the main characters), and this new season didn’t disappoint. It felt very refreshing and different from the past few seasons and all the girls are adorable. (Well…all of the seasons girls are adorable, but I digress!) I can’t wait to see what happens next!


college thesis progress part 2 // finally inking!!!

Listening to “Do You Know What You Have” by Brandy ♫

So guess what? I have finally started inking my thesis (aka Glass Hearts chapter 1). I just realized that I could've just used the pencil tool, but it's too late now.

Good news: I got the spreads chosen (this is one 1/2 of one, btw), and necessary pedestals reserved for merch (which will include posters, stickers, pins, etc). My teacher (who is the illustration dept. head) and I were on the same wavelength it seems, because he chose spreads that I marked down as considering. So this process is going very smoothly.

And joke's on you: there IS no bad news!
(Unless you count that first dossier for my required art history course which is going to royally suck - woo!)

spacey / monkey / trippy


In Subversive Style this week, we did a 1-day project centered on this article about Iran sending a monkey to space. My thought process was:

Space monkey > astronaut monkey > make a pattern out of that shit

And voila. There are many color variations I could've went with, but I restrained myself.