//sketch log 009

It's time for a massive sketch log. Are y'all lady ready?
Practicing drawing Megumi Aino from Happiness Charge! Precure. More like practicing in general because I got so rusty late December.


GH ch04 / progress part 1 // 09/24

Listening to: Young Dro - FDB (LAKIM Remix) ♫♪
(I recently discovered this remix in a mix KAYTRANADA did in London that iD put up online. It's really really really good. One of the best mixes I've listened to in a very long time. This remix is one of the highlights of said mix. This is one of those cases when the remix > the original.)

 Long time no blog, yeah? Sorry about that. For most of January, I was dealing with some things unrelated to art, and also just feeling tired from chapter 3. Towards the end of that month, I did manage to thumbnail chapters 4 and 5 (it's a two-parter) - so it wasn't completely unproductive.

 Anyways, chapter 4! Actually for most of this month, I didn't start this chapter. I still felt really tired or something. Winter blues? Maybe. That and the snow hit HARD over here. And I had to shovel. And it was awful and then I'd only sketch on paper for a little bit. That might also be a part of January: I don't remember to be honest. I just want spring already.

 I actually started drawing chapter 4 five days ago. So yeah, 9 pages in five days isn't too bad. But still not to my standards, but I digress!

As you can tell, I've taken a fancy towards a thicker brush. I did so by the end of chapter 3, so this is me continuing that trend. I've forced myself to not get super intense into perspective and just draw the backgrounds. I get really precise with my lines if I use accurately mapped perspective and that's the one thing I don't want. My style is really expressive, and I want my backgrounds to match up with that. So yeah, this chapter will experiment with that too.

Uh, I'll be making a sketch log post soon. For those who follow the Tumblr version, you've already seen all of the sketches. But yeah - look forward to that post tomorrow! And I'll be working super super hard to finish chapter 4 ASAP! And then going right to chapter 5!

Oh yeah, the webcomic is now at chapter 2! Not only did the layout get updated, but the cast page is finally up and running, and the about page looks a lot better. So check that stuff out too!