GH ch02 / progress part 1 // 10/41 pages

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(If you like jazz and some awesome bass-playing, you should listen to Thundercat. Both his albums are really good. This song is my favorite off of his new album, Apocalypse.)
Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating in a while, and missing two more Fridays! I actually had a freelance web design gig that finished last week. So I've been working on getting myself motivated to get back into working on chapter 2.

See the end of this post for the (almost) final ink.
Oh yeah, the final ink for this one is also in this post. Awesome!
Anyways, after graduating it was super hard to gain the motivation to work hard again. And actually work on my own terms instead of the ultra-rushed schedule that was thesis. It took all of May for me to make the thumbnails. Compare that to taking just a week to do chapter 1's thumbnails. Geez.

 I did start the first page in May, but oh boy - the combo of web design nightmares and wave of laziness is a fearsome one.
I barely touched the pages for roughly half of this month. I can't believe this is the last week of June! I keep telling myself "SAMURAI, YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP," it's awful. 
Handletterin' yo.

So I've been pushing myself as of last week to get out at least a page a day, and setting up a page for the next day. So far so good, I guess. I'm going to shut up and make you look at the other screenshots now.
Basically how I feel about…too many things. Ha!

Don't underestimate patting hands. This took a lot of redraws.
Charlie is such a little bitch with his tiny moe hands.
(Note: "moe-ay" is how you should pronounce that.)

Waving Liam is always the cutest. And of course I moved him away from those bleed guides after this shot was taken.
I plan to make progress posts every 10 pages I do, so look forward to those future posts!
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i don't particularly care for this page

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(Again, Siriusmo is awesome. Goddammit.)

 The subject line is true. This comic book class was really disappointing. What I got out of it was a whole lot of annoyance and frustration than actually learning anything. But I got to draw some more Glass Hearts, so that was the only benefit.

Some of the art from the 3-page comic (this is the third page) will be going into the actual chapter 2 of Glass Hearts, so I made my life a little bit easier. And by that, I mean 1%. I'll have more information about chapter 2 in that first progress post I'm planning.


essence of evil

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(Siriusmo is amazing and you should listen to him. Next Friday, his 2nd album Enthusiast releases and I am incredibly stoked about it! I listened to a few streams + previews and it's probably going to be in my top 5 albums of 2013, for sure.)

I'm going to try and post whatever progress shots of schoolwork I have left! I just noticed I had these in a desktop folder and went "…I should really post these already."

 This was for the last project of Subversive Style class, and it was just draw something along the lines of 'nature of evil'. As this was happening, thesis and chaos was happening around me. And my thumb got fucked up. I was tempted to draw something along the lines of that, but when I could draw, I had a short amount of time left to actually work on this.
 So I thought to myself "Let's draw a demon sitting on skulls being crazy and shit." That was my thought process in a nutshell. And I evoked some Yo-landi Vi$$er "Evil Boy" eye-boob music video inspiration, and put those eyes there. As for colors: I kinda just went with instinct and fun value.
Let's just say I don't want to draw skulls for a long time, hahaha!



Listening to “Congratulator” by Siriusmo ♫
(Read more in the entry, and Siriusmo is the best. And I can't wait to hear this song in higher quality!!)

As promised, 2 drawings for this Friday. Aren't you all proud of me for remembering?

I love spikes. I love the color scheme of red, white, and black to death. And I am feeling stoked for Siriusmo's Enthusiast, which is an album coming out on June 14th. Basically listening to "Congratulator" inspired the pose for the first drawing. I wanted a lot of funky, good vibes in it, so hopefully that comes through!

And a reminder that I can go full-on cartoony wonky. This character is Do from a comic that I made a book dummy of in junior year of college. I came across said comic in my external harddrive and fell in love with the idea again.


//sketch log 004

This was a warm-up for GH chapter 2 inking! I plan on making a progress post when I make more pages!
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(Lone is really awesome and you should listen to Galaxy Garden. Right now.)

Hey guys, sorry for missing last Friday again. I forgot and it was already midnight, hahahaha! I'll make up for the now two missing weeks this week - that's what I plan to do anyway!
It's been a while since the last sketch dump, so let's get that over with!
There are some completed works towards the end, so look at those too!

I love sketching Michael and his hair and his lankiness and his awkwardness. Gosh.

I ended up deleting these lines later on, hahahaha. Nope.

Doki Doki Precure fanart, incoming for this and the next two! I love my magical girls!

The next two Glass Hearts illustrations are available as prints at Society6, so check that out (and buy my shit).

This got #3 on the daily ranking of Anipan on June 1st, how awesome is that?!