full moon tonight

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(Such a good song.)

For Drunk Lightning, a collaborative blog between me and my college friends (of the illustration major variety) where we have posts centered around one theme, contest, etc. I'd say "weekly" or "monthly", but we've all been busy so…that'd be a lie, haha!

Anyways, this is for the next post (which me and another friend kinda…pushed for, otherwise this wouldn't happen): drawing another member of the group as an animal you'd imagine them being.

Now if I was assigned to someone else, I'd be thinking more about the animal. But my friend, Alex, loves wolves, his fursona is a wolf, and he loves wolves. (That link is to his website, check it out!) So I just went ahead and made him a wolf: a badass wolf. I'm slowly getting used to drawing anthro figures, but it's not a natural thing yet.


//sketch log 005

Listening to: Machinedrum - Body Touch ♫♪
(All I'm going to say is I can't wait for the new album, aw yes!)

 It's been a while since the last sketch log, so I thought I'd put these screenshots up for once. Some of these might look familiar.

I also tried out Manga Studio for the first time in 4 years, unsure of how much it improved. But it definitely is way easier to get into. So I'll be messing with that for some illustrations in the near future.


GH ch02 / progress part 4 // 41/41 pages

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(This band is the reason I no longer say "I don't like country music" and that I should really say "I don't like pop country." They're really really good, and it's a shame they're no longer together. Sackcloth 'N' Ashes, their first album, was what got me into them. I highly recommend trying them!)

 I have finally finished chapter 2! The fact it took 4 months from start to finish frustrates the heck out of me, but I'm so glad I'm finally here. I've gotten so exhausted of working on it.
 I have 15 pages that I noted to make some edits and/or redraws (of certain things) after finishing the chapter, so I'll get to those eventually. A lot of them are really minor/low effort edits, so I'm not stressing it too much.

As for chapter 3, I plan on starting that in September to give myself a break. I also have a freelance thing courtesy of a family member, so that might happen during said break. (I was wise to refuse the web design part of it after that experience of a first freelance gig, haha.)