Listening to “Airport (interlude)” by The Jet Age Of Tomorrow ♫

Sorry for missing next week! It's been a while since I did things on a regular schedule.

Today one of my favorite Odd Future acts, Jet Age of Tomorrow, released their newest mixtape, The Jellyfish Mentality. It's really good, for free, and I highly recommend it! They have this spacey, out of the world, jazzy sound that is really really great. They have two other mixtapes, Voyager and Journey to the 5th Echolon, which are also awesome.

This outfit is basically a combination of that mixtape influence, JAoT's visual aesthetic, and a fur coat. And lots of gold chains, because there's never enough gold chains.


you can buy my stuff on the internets, you do realize

Listening to “Rue the Whirl” by Boards of Canada ♫
(Basically if you're into electronic music, BoC is one of the essential, fundamental groups to listen to. They're releasing a new album next month after approximately 7 years, which is ridiculously exciting. I haven't listened to them some years myself, so I'm getting reacquainted with their discography and falling more in love with their music than before.)

I've been trying to get myself back to being productive again, so hopefully this is a first step towards that! First of all, I finally opened an Etsy store for myself today! The screenshots above and below are from that! Spiffy, eh?

I'll be selling the four leftover copies of the first, limited edition printing of Glass Hearts chapter 1 on there. So if you want one, go to the store! I'm going to work on a digital version to sell on there, so I'll let y'all know when that's available!

Also I have prints at Society6 (today there's FREE SHIPPING check that out), and RedBubble (where you can also get t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers at).



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One word for last week: hectic.

Tuesday was the Donor Show, where the donors of the school got a preview of the senior show, and everyone got all classy and professional. That was aiight, somewhat underwhelming, free food was really good, one glass of wine made me feel better, etc. Wednesday into Thursday was a nice break though - I went to a party/hangout/sleepover at a friend's house (a friend aka Kurt, whose art you should check out). Bonfire, vidya gaming, card gaming, and survival wolf movie. Yep.

Friday was the big night, the senior show! It was overwhelming how many "congratulations", "good luck"s, "good job"s, and other many lovely comments I received! I didn't sell all the books I made, but I did sell 5! Everyone did such a good job! There aren't enough exclamation points for how happy this event made me feel! After that I went out to a bar with friends (it was cold! it was outdoors!!), and I went dancing with other friends (first time in a club-y setting, wow!) until roughly 2 AM (I didn't know it was 2 AM.)

And Saturday morning was graduation. It was surreal seeing everyone in their gowns, goodness gracious. Standing in two lines was surreal! Walking into the auditorium with everyone facing us and clapping was surreal! I was trying to hold back tears the entire time. It all finally hit me that morning: I'm going to graduate. When I stepped outside, I cried. I saw other friends crying. I took pictures with family. I took pictures with friends.

My mind is slowly accepting this as a fact. And slowly accepting the fact of "Oh hey, this isn't really a summer vacation - welcome to life outside of school." Bear with me as I get my bearings in check here, for I am recuperating from the last few (chaotic) weeks!


Listening to: "Hey Saturday Sun" by Boards of Canada
(BoC is one of those influential, essential electronic musicians/groups you should listen to. They're releasing a new album in June, which is a huge miracle I feel really blessed by.)

I wanted to start this for a while, but graduating and laziness happened. I'll write a separate entry of how that went. But yeah, I want to do some themed days of the week.

So with Fashionable Fridays, I want to draw whatever comes to mind, or existing clothing that I felt really inspired by: high fashion, normal fashion, couture fashion, trends, etc. And I'm going to draw my characters wearing them because why the heck not.

I browsed some of my Etsy favorites recently and saw some holographic and metallic things. If I remember correctly, I also saw a photo on Twitter of Angel Haze wearing an outfit with a holographic jacket. I love how lately people are bringing back 90s and 80s fashion. The skirt is also inspired by grunge.



FINALLY! THE TIME HAS COME! Tonight is the Senior Show at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (Lancaster, PA)!! Me and loads of talented, awesome people will be showing off the goods that we have worked incredibly hard on, and you'd be crazy to miss this! And I'll be selling copies of chapter 1 of my graphic novel, Glass Hearts! AHHHHH, LET'S GO PEOPLE! :D (I am way too excited, oh my goodness.)