GH ❤ chapter 2 - that's right, I am starting it this week

Sometimes I sketch over my sketch because fixing things.
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(Obey City is awesome. Other than "Harlem Shake", Baauer is awesome. Just listen to it already.)

Yes, I am selling copies of chapter 1 this week. Yes, I am graduating on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean I have to take a break! (If anything, I’ve been taking a month-long break here!) Basically I don’t plan to publish individual chapter books - I’ve always planned to release volumes with multiple chapters at a time.

This beat is ridiculously sick too. In a great way.
As it looks like, chapter 2 is a Liam chapter. (This hasn’t changed ever.) Just like what I used to do with the webcomic whenever I’d move onto a new chapter, I’ll give some hints of what will be included in it.
Liam is pretty hairy. He can't help it: he was born this way.
  1. More ‘silly cute young boys dissing each other’. 
    (It’s the new ‘cute girls doing cute things, you do realize - I’ll make this trend happen.)
  2. Hallelujah, more Peter and his hair flips!
  4. Deep thoughts are deep.
    (You won’t get this reference if you’ve never watched Inazuma Eleven - uh…soccer.)

Look at this precious baby. You know you wanna read more about him.
I plan to make thumbnails tonight/this week, so I’m going full speed ahead! (And…trying to find jobs at the same time, boy oh boy!)


spring cleaning!

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(This was made for the season finale of Skins season 5. And boy does it encompass not only the entire show, but also really gets to your feelings.)

This is the Tumblr equivalent of the new layout! Spiffy, yes?
New fresh layout to accompany the pre-order of the book of Glass Hearts chapter 1! Hurry up and email me to get one!

So I promised a status report on why I couldn't draw for more than a week. I can only assume my workaholic tendencies worked against me, and my thumb began to hurt really badly whenever I bended it roughly 2 weeks ago. I figured that if I didn't draw for a while or do anything with it in general, took pain reliever medicine, massaging, and ice packs would do the trick. But it didn't get any better. It interfered with my schoolwork and actually going to school because who would want to go to art school and NOT draw? That's pointless.

Anyways, I went to the doctor, got blood-work and an x-ray done. Those results showed that nothing is wrong. She didn't even know what was wrong other than that it was visibly swollen. I got a prescription the day I got the aforementioned results, and that was the medical witchcraft I needed to get  on recovery. Literally the only thing that worked.

What will you all be seeing from me from the next 3 weeks?
1) Ampersand piece for Type As Art (pictures will be taken by me - boy oh boy). I'm debating on calling it "Trendy Ampys" or "Dis Hipster Bitch—?".
2) Triptych piece for Type As Art (I'm starting that this weekend). I'm probably calling it "Trippy Triptych" because I am beyond witty.
3) My 'nature of evil' piece for Subversive Style. It has a skimpy creepy demon and skulls. Lots of skulls. Too many skulls. That sounds like a good title, "Too Many Skulls".
4) Professional stuff like business cards (I ordered those today finally), and postcards.
5) Me going absolutely insane from graduation-required-deadlines.

Unlike a lot of my peers, I finished my thesis - so no need to worry of that. It's the matting, glass, and gallery piece of the Senior Exhibition that I am worried about. (That is why whenever someone asks me "You're done, right?" and I don't immediately say anything, haha!) I'm going to try and take care of this stuff this coming week.


Pre-order Glass Hearts chapter 1 now!

After four years, a 16 year old Charlie McDermott returns to his hometown of Bardley Hill, his best friend, John Gardner the 3rd, and the bad memories he left behind. Many things have changed, and some things haven't. Old wounds will resurface, and new wounds will possibly appear as well. That’s life for ya!
With a move comes a new opportunity to start fresh, and that’s exactly what Charlie wants to do with his first day at Sycamore Academy. But with one decision of staying true to himself and wearing a skirt in this uniform-oriented school, will he ruin his chances at a rose-colored, ideal high school life? Or will this one decision be the start of something even more exciting than anticipated?

GLASS HEARTS CHAPTER 1, written and illustrated by Monique Connett
(email: moniquecomics@gmail.com)

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(Once again, I recommend this guy and his KAYTRA TODO EP.)

This was the 3rd project for my Subversive Art class in which we had to make an illustration based off of Yann Martel's short story, Pig.

Finally I had an excuse to draw crazed people, and use brushes that I downloaded ages ago that I never really get to use. Also this was the first time in forever I got to fudge some wonky perspective - that is so much fun! Letting those grids and boundaries go felt so good!!

It was fun and challenging at the same time choosing colors and balancing the values of those colors next to each other. I wanted to go for something musty, warm, muted, and gross. All at once. Based on critique, I was really successful with this - so I'm happy about that.


//sketch log 003

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(You should keep your eye on this guy. Just sayin'…)

I'll write more about my reason for not being able to draw for 4 days in another entry when I can draw.

For now, here's some un-posted screenshots + sketches!