VIDEO ✪ Just Who Is "Everyone"?

Alrighty, finally this video is uploaded-!!

I decided to make a new YT channel dedicated to just my art. I was going to convert my personal YT to one, but it's filled with years of personal history and unrelated uploads that I can't bear to delete. Setting up this new account was really annoying, but eventually I got it right. (Thanks a lot, Google.)

So this first video is of Glass Hearts chapter 5's key/splash illustration from ink to colors. I originally sketched it on paper, so that's why you didn't see that happen. Though I do re-sketch a few things in there.

Anyways, here are a few videos I want to do in the near future:
✪ A comic page, because why not? It won't be super plot-y, obviously.
✪ Fanart, because I gotta get those views. It'll be of something I enjoy and not just me bandwagoning, I promise. The first one will be of Precure, of course.
✪ …a speedpaint I guess. I'm not particularly speedy, but I'll try!

I also might attempt at the streaming feature and see how that goes.

So yeah! Lots of plans for this! I'm excited! YEAH!


GH ch04 / progress part 3 // 24/24

Joe Smooth feat. Paris Brightledge - We Gotta Love (Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut Signature Mix) ♫♪
(It's one of the founding fathers of house who remixed this, why wouldn't I love it? As the song says: "WEEEEEE'VE GOTTTT TO LOOOVE~!")

 (This was me inking while watching/listening to a Vinesauce stream.)
So wow! I finally finished the chapter! It was kinda hard to get back into the groove after the previous batch, but once I got going: I got going.

 (Whoa what, boobs? Front in center? In this comic? Why not?)
 (Can you hear the "BOW BOW BOW BOW"s? If not, you're not hyped enough.)
 If you couldn't tell, some of the patterns I use are ones I make myself. I think I made a lot more for this chapter than the other three. It's safe to say I will make some more floral patterns.
 (This song always succeeds in getting me into the zone, and repeating it over and over again to keep me in said zone.)
 (Staring into the depths of your soul…)
 I don't really have much to say but I set up all of chapter 5's page layouts and script on Tuesday-Wednesday, and I just finished the illustration today. I also recorded and compiled a video of that process, which will be posted on my new art YouTube. So be sure to check that out! I'll make a post about it.

I'd start inking chapter 5 tonight, but the wrist is killing - so I'm going to take a much-needed break. For now, here is the illustration I did for chapter 4.


GH ch04 / progress part 2 // 17/24

 Listening to: LAKIM x Mr. Carmack - Kahala ♫♪
(Can you believe that within a week, I listened to LAKIM a little over 200 times? That should explain everything.)
 It's been a week and one day since the first batch was done: not bad, not bad. I also discovered how to actually tile the windows in the main Photoshop window in CS6 finally. It's been interesting and helpful.
 Another different thing with this chapter is I decided to draw some speech bubbles by hand. And I think it'll become a standard from this chapter forward. I wanted to make them more expressive like in my sketches and my previous method restricted that.
 I loved this face so much that I screencapped it three times. Also that LAKIM white label cover is great, yeah? I've been making a ton of my own tiled patterns, and I've been getting better at it. It used to be a mystery as to how tiled patterns worked, so I feel very satisfied.
There are 7 more pages to the chapter in the last and third batch. Cross your fingers that'll get done either this weekend or sometime next week! And then I'll get right to chapter 5! I'm very excited to do that chapter since 1) more character introductions, 2) a certain important thing that happens, and 3) last chapter planned for volume 1 (!!!).
I will also post this chapter's illustration in the next post - so look forward to that too! I've been very happy with it.