busy busy busy

Sorry for not updating for over a week. Thanksgiving week was basically me spending time with family and no room or motivation for schoolwork. And the week back just...didn't work at all. I was in this weird state of "I really don't feel like doing anything. I should feel motivated. I should be working. But I really can't feel the energy to do anything productive." It made me feel really guilty going to school that week with that feeling on me. Senioritis Part 2: College? I wouldn't doubt it!

But this week I feel a bit more motivated to get things done. There's only this week and next week, and the semester is done: which is insanely awesome and shocking all at once. I'll try to at least post screenshots of what I'm doing during these two weeks - but I'm not making any guarantees that I won't just ignore updating this, and focus super hard on getting things done! Wish me luck!

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