//sketch log 001

Listening to “Rinse FM 23-11-11” by Von D ♫
Firstly, I am going to try and put what I'm listening to in each entry. Because I love discovering new music and sharing my experiences of them with others.
Kicking things off, I started listening to Von D...last year or this year, I forget. He is a mostly-dubstep producer from France, and all of his music has that distinct Von D flavor. If your preconceived notion of dubstep is Skrillex, then you are 100% misinformed. I suggest watching this documentary called Bassweight that I watched last year. But I digress, my recommended tunes of Von D's are "Coquine", "Echolow", and "Sunlight" (this song is definitely my #1 favorite - I can never get enough).
Anyways: turns out I don't really have much left from this semester to post on here, haha! So I'm going to start putting up sketches. They'll vary from source: sketchbook, scrap paper, digital, etc. I have a bad habit of keeping useless papers in hopes that I'll sketch all over it. So I have tons of those. More so than sketchbook sketches, believe it or not.
This first sketch log is a look at my sketchbook. I'll try and take more pictures of it for the next log along with some scrap paper sketches. (Maybe it'll be a sketch dump? Ohoho!)

I like to sketch ideas out for my comics/stories, so 80% of my sketches are mini-comics to accomplish this.

This was me coming up with stuff for that promotional package artwork. I also like to make up outfits that don't exist. Which depresses me in the process...
The skewed perspective is for that ~*ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY EDGINESS*~ or something.

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