werkin that type, hunty

So wow, I finally got time to actually work on finishing this piece this week. Or more specifically, the last two days. Other assignments got in my way, which sucked so hard because I was really looking forward to working on this!
Working on the border...
 Lineart always takes up the most time for me because 1) it's the foundation of everything to come, 2) everything should be right, and 3) I'm a perfectionist. So I had to rush it, which frustrated me a lot. Rush-coloring is kind of no problem, as it's easy to fix. But lines...not so much.
Refining the shading and highlights on the type more, ahhhh!
 Setting the colors up was somewhat frustrating, especially the hair. But overall, coloring was a lot of fun. No one in critique questioned my color choices, so that gave me relief because I put a lot of thought into that.
This is the result for today, but I will be making some changes. So look out for that during break!

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