college thesis progress part 2 // finally inking!!!

Listening to “Do You Know What You Have” by Brandy ♫

So guess what? I have finally started inking my thesis (aka Glass Hearts chapter 1). I just realized that I could've just used the pencil tool, but it's too late now.

Good news: I got the spreads chosen (this is one 1/2 of one, btw), and necessary pedestals reserved for merch (which will include posters, stickers, pins, etc). My teacher (who is the illustration dept. head) and I were on the same wavelength it seems, because he chose spreads that I marked down as considering. So this process is going very smoothly.

And joke's on you: there IS no bad news!
(Unless you count that first dossier for my required art history course which is going to royally suck - woo!)

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