Listening to: "Hey Saturday Sun" by Boards of Canada
(BoC is one of those influential, essential electronic musicians/groups you should listen to. They're releasing a new album in June, which is a huge miracle I feel really blessed by.)

I wanted to start this for a while, but graduating and laziness happened. I'll write a separate entry of how that went. But yeah, I want to do some themed days of the week.

So with Fashionable Fridays, I want to draw whatever comes to mind, or existing clothing that I felt really inspired by: high fashion, normal fashion, couture fashion, trends, etc. And I'm going to draw my characters wearing them because why the heck not.

I browsed some of my Etsy favorites recently and saw some holographic and metallic things. If I remember correctly, I also saw a photo on Twitter of Angel Haze wearing an outfit with a holographic jacket. I love how lately people are bringing back 90s and 80s fashion. The skirt is also inspired by grunge.

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