full moon tonight

Listening to: Machinedrum - Body Touch ♫♪
(Such a good song.)

For Drunk Lightning, a collaborative blog between me and my college friends (of the illustration major variety) where we have posts centered around one theme, contest, etc. I'd say "weekly" or "monthly", but we've all been busy so…that'd be a lie, haha!

Anyways, this is for the next post (which me and another friend kinda…pushed for, otherwise this wouldn't happen): drawing another member of the group as an animal you'd imagine them being.

Now if I was assigned to someone else, I'd be thinking more about the animal. But my friend, Alex, loves wolves, his fursona is a wolf, and he loves wolves. (That link is to his website, check it out!) So I just went ahead and made him a wolf: a badass wolf. I'm slowly getting used to drawing anthro figures, but it's not a natural thing yet.

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