driven in a magically badass way

(Art circa August 2012.)

This is the main character of Project 217!, the second comic that I want to publish. Well...technically I don't know which one to publish first.
What if your life got changed by:

1) The sudden appearance of things you always thought were fictional?
2) An organization who believes in the existance of these things?
and 3) An interdimensional mask-wearing crazy mistress planning to kill you?

...that is the case of Alana Wolfe, an extremely tempermental, teenage girl who doesn't believe in ghosts, demons, or aliens.
This story goes as far back as 5th grade, believe it or not. I grew up loving magical girl cartoons, such as the Powerpuff Girls, and Sailor Moon. And naturally, I wanted to make my own. Flash foward to today, I still love watching magical girl cartoons and I still want to make this comic! Though it has evolved into something so unlike what I intended as a kid, but I'm pretty proud of it. (So unlike what I intended as in woah explicatives everywhere and crazy-looking demons).

The webcomic version (found here and here) has been full-color and I mean, full on color. Everything about this comic is pretty strong, explosive, and ridiculous. It's a lot of fun to draw (apart from action scenes, which I haven't really mastered yet hahaha) and write.

And gosh. I just love both of my comics. And that is the most important thing about making a comic: love.

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