fashion is power.

These are sketches that I did for tomorrow’s class. The last project is basically a free-for-all. So pinning down one concept just isn’t possible for me. Funny thing is all three include fashion of some sort. And I am okay with that.

Today I actually saw Wildfox editorial photos and it completely inspired me. So I combined that, my summer filled with being enthralled with grunge fashion, and Yo-Landi Vi$$er’s metallic tights. I either would like to do a crazy linear background like that, or just a simple color.

Frankly, I miss working on my babies: my comics. So naturally, one of these ideas had to involve one of them. This is Charlie McDermott of Glass Hearts, and he is super fashionable and fabulous. I love writing about him, writing his dialogue, and drawing him in all sorts of outfits I could imagine. As for the quote, it’s relevant towards Charlie, and fashion in general. At least, when I put on an outfit and it looks good, I feel so much more confident and powerful.

I’ve been engrossing myself in re-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race since Hurricane Sandy. And watching the All Stars season, which is going by way too fast!! Anyways, I find drag queens to be very inspirational people. That above quote also applies to them. They go through so much adversity and come up on top: strong. Since I saw fanart of people and cartoons, I figured “Why not?”.

Regardless of what gets chosen, I’m going to do all of these personally anyway. There’s no stopping me!

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