//sketch log 002

Watching: Iron Chef America
(Because Food Network is pretty awesome aside from all of Guy's Big Bites…)

I actually have a lot of photos of sketches via my Instagram (which you should follow, btw) - I'll try to get them on here at some point.
The first sketch was during Subversive Style and I was making a new version of a terrible brush I saved for reasons I don't remember. And it's really weird and funky and I kinda like using it a lot.
The rest of the sketches were in the class after that one, Type As Art. The next project is all about film noir, so I'm trying to get those vibes in me, and get some ideas indirectly about what to do for it.

This is not a self-portrait. Seriously.
This was originally bright yellow and hot pink.

I wanted to try my hand at a film noir babe.

I like that first "I" a lot. As you can tell, I couldn't replicate it again. Haha!

Trippy, gesturally-drawn smoke is one of my favorite things ever.

This turned into a larger sketch of a composition of one idea for the project - so score for me on that one!
 Look forward to a thesis post soon, because I actually started getting pages completed today! Yahoo!

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