college thesis progress part 3 // 17/60 pages

Watching: Maury
(Hey, it's a staple of my life. Paternity dramas ftw!)

I'll try to get more screenshots in the next post, I promise! But the above screenshot is basically how I've been working. It's always good to keep a record of colors and stuff you use so that everything is consistent. That, and always listen to music you enjoy. Even better if it motivates you to work more!

Yesterday I drew 6 pages. At the fifth, my fingers were paining, but I worked through that. Between 11 PM and 12 AM, I worked on and finished page 17 (the 7th page). And wow, even now my fingers feel kinda sore from that. I don't really regret working this hard because I made some progress and that's all that matters really, haha! Unhealthy? Maybe. That's how my work habits are.

 Also I couldn't find what door mechanics of these types of doors were called. So I had to get reference on that. I still don't really understand it, but regardless - I've been trying to draw them every time (ie; look at the first screenshot and that .rtf).

My goal at the moment is to reach 30 pages this month. If I can surpass it, I'll be even happier and at an even better place. I have a feeling spring break is going to be when you'll really see me, and my page-making-machine abilities. ⊙ω⊙ (At the detriment of my fingers' sanity…)

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