college thesis progress part 4 // 30/60 pages

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So I am currently in spring break. And more than the previous 3 years, this is a complete lie. Or at least, OH HEY SPRING BREAK YOUR BACK BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE TO DO HAHAHAHAHA. (I'm so professional.) Basically my workaholic tendencies and anxieties are at their highest: to the determent of my physical health. My back has never hurt this much before, I gotta say.
 Pretty much 90% of break has been used up on either thesis, or forcing myself to take a break from thesis (while thinking about thesis). I did finish one class project, but I have to work on 2 more. But due to family circumstances that I cannot state at the moment (this is another situation), I might not even appear that much next week at school! (This sucks because not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT FOUR CRITIQUES.) Based on trying to go into school last semester from the previous family circumstance and basically being unable to work, I don't want to repeat that situation. So I'm making a healthy choice and trying to give myself time to heal (once again).

Good news is tonight I finally reached the halfway point of the chapter! 50% done! 30 out of 60 pages! This is huge! Now to get the next 30 in less than a month (apparently it takes more time than I thought to print books - but I don't know).
Will Samurai go insane? Will her body last enough to reach this goal? WE'LL SEE!

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