college thesis progress part 5 // 49/59 pages

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(Another great, yet-to-have-an-official-release beat by HudMo.)
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So basically since spring break, I've been trying to balance thesis and schoolwork. That's been…fun. Basically if I want a chance of getting books printed in time for the show, I have to be done by next week. Good for me, I haven't skipped any classes before this point. If you catch my drift.

Note the change from 60 to 59, because technically it is 59 pages. (The 60th page is a blank one.)
Anyways, here are more detailed numbers of my progress, because they're more telling. That and getting me more fired up to finish.
Basically, I've been watching too many gameplay videos of Dodonpachi games. And phallic food-eating-shots are always trendy.
49/59 pages
5/6 pages of script
10 pages to go
83% done

Snarky Peter is snarky, and real pretty this time around.

Boys can be so rude…! Well I never!

This is totally not for thesis actually, but for my comic elective! Crazy page is crazyyyy!
So yeah, I'm on the finishing stretch! And my page-making-machine mode is going to go on overdrive! I'm not too worried on the cover illustration because that doesn't take as long.
Also—! I finally got an email for my professional endeavors, because gosh I'm not going to have this lovely college-given .edu email forever. So going along with everything else, it's moniquecomics@gmail.com. Funny how the 'c' of my last name fits perfectly with comics. Who knew?

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