college thesis progress part 6 // 59/59 pages

The darker side of Glass Hearts: giving you maximum feels.
Watching: Yesterday's episode of General Hospital
(Fun fact: The time I was born was just before an airing of a General Hospital episode. 4 PM.)
My tweet is basically the best caption.
 So last Thursday, I was told to check when I should get my comic in to make physical copies of. And it turns out: it has to be this week. That was all the motivation I needed to work on finishing drawing the rest of the pages. 10 pages in 4 days? Believe it, it happened.

Sometimes I sketch over my thumbnail sketch to get more clarity for myself. 90% of the time, I can use the thumbnail as is for a sketch straight into inking though.
When I'm in my page-making-machine / workaholic mode, I tend to not care about anything else 80% of the time. This includes eating, taking breaks, etc. Saturday and Sunday were the two days I worked the hardest, finishing off all the single pages, and adjusting all page sizes for print.
This page is like a montage of epic Pantene commercials.
This was especially true on Monday, the day I worked on the spread of pages 58-59.
  1. I forgot to eat breakfast.
  2. I forgot to eat lunch.
  3. I didn't take a break.
  4. For 5 straight hours.

This was the final time I had to bust out that John reference off to the side.
Funny thing with sticking with a plan: sometimes you come up with something better as you're sticking to the old one. That's what happened with this last page. But I think it makes for something even more epic.
This originally didn't have a signature. But making 59 pages in two months kinda warranted it.
All that's left is finishing the cover illustration, making that book jacket, converting all the pages into grayscale .tiffs, and sending it in! That'll be the next progress post. Until then, look forward to a non-thesis post later today at 2!

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