Digitally sketched, and then used a (crooked) lucigraph to transfer onto mat board.
Listening to “Club Bang” by Kaytranda ♫
(So so so so incredibly good!)

So I never posted the process of this first piece for my Type As Art class because I didn't have the original, huge, high quality photograph that my awesome teacher Mr. B took of it. Today I got that, so now this post will definitely happen!
This project was choosing one of the four elements (air, water, fire, and earth) and making a piece based on it. Surprisingly I was the only one of the class that chose fire, go figure. (Earth was the element roughly 85% of the class chose, which is weird but okay.)
And I wanted to get my hands into watercolor and ink again because BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I love me some ink and watercolor. This class has been great to just experiment and do things my way for once. It felt refreshing and took me back to high school, when I could do whatever the fuck I wanted and experiment.
 In fact, this semester felt like me doing whatever I wanted to do and it was OKAY for me to do whatever I wanted. Especially bringing back my love of just drawing random typography that comes to mind + hand-lettering and combining it with my illustration. Because that's what I used to do before college.

And this is the final piece. I absolutely love how it came out. It was a lot of fun to do!!

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