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So in-between all this thesis nonsense, I had to make pages for another class. And that's been ridiculous to juggle. And the pages I've made so far don't compare to the ones for thesis.
I haven't posted any step-by-step progress stuff, and figured this page would be a good one to start that tradition with.
This is from chapter 2 of Glass Hearts, actually. It's semi-spoilerific as for what happens in chapter 1 (aka aforementioned thesis), but whatever. I didn't know what to do script-wise (for a 3 page comic), so I chose a GH script.
I tried my hardest to make this as sketchy as possible. This is actually a thumbnail sketch, believe it or not.
Sometimes I feel like pencils repeat the thumbnail process, so I'm trying to think of it as a "clarifying the foundation" type of thing.

90% of inking took place in class last week.  
The next page looks pretty boring in comparison to this one, but whatever. I'll just get it out of the way really quickly.

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