Listening to “Holy Hole Inna Donut” by KAYTRANADA ♫
(Once again, I recommend this guy and his KAYTRA TODO EP.)

This was the 3rd project for my Subversive Art class in which we had to make an illustration based off of Yann Martel's short story, Pig.

Finally I had an excuse to draw crazed people, and use brushes that I downloaded ages ago that I never really get to use. Also this was the first time in forever I got to fudge some wonky perspective - that is so much fun! Letting those grids and boundaries go felt so good!!

It was fun and challenging at the same time choosing colors and balancing the values of those colors next to each other. I wanted to go for something musty, warm, muted, and gross. All at once. Based on critique, I was really successful with this - so I'm happy about that.

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