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After four years, a 16 year old Charlie McDermott returns to his hometown of Bardley Hill, his best friend, John Gardner the 3rd, and the bad memories he left behind. Many things have changed, and some things haven't. Old wounds will resurface, and new wounds will possibly appear as well. That’s life for ya!
With a move comes a new opportunity to start fresh, and that’s exactly what Charlie wants to do with his first day at Sycamore Academy. But with one decision of staying true to himself and wearing a skirt in this uniform-oriented school, will he ruin his chances at a rose-colored, ideal high school life? Or will this one decision be the start of something even more exciting than anticipated?

GLASS HEARTS CHAPTER 1, written and illustrated by Monique Connett
(email: moniquecomics@gmail.com)

Finally, the pre-order is here! If you’ve always wanted to own a physical copy of my comic work in some form or Glass Hearts in some form, this is your chance!

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