GH ❤ chapter 2 - that's right, I am starting it this week

Sometimes I sketch over my sketch because fixing things.
Listening to “Neva Knew (Baauer Remix)” by OBEY CITY ♫
(Obey City is awesome. Other than "Harlem Shake", Baauer is awesome. Just listen to it already.)

Yes, I am selling copies of chapter 1 this week. Yes, I am graduating on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean I have to take a break! (If anything, I’ve been taking a month-long break here!) Basically I don’t plan to publish individual chapter books - I’ve always planned to release volumes with multiple chapters at a time.

This beat is ridiculously sick too. In a great way.
As it looks like, chapter 2 is a Liam chapter. (This hasn’t changed ever.) Just like what I used to do with the webcomic whenever I’d move onto a new chapter, I’ll give some hints of what will be included in it.
Liam is pretty hairy. He can't help it: he was born this way.
  1. More ‘silly cute young boys dissing each other’. 
    (It’s the new ‘cute girls doing cute things, you do realize - I’ll make this trend happen.)
  2. Hallelujah, more Peter and his hair flips!
  4. Deep thoughts are deep.
    (You won’t get this reference if you’ve never watched Inazuma Eleven - uh…soccer.)

Look at this precious baby. You know you wanna read more about him.
I plan to make thumbnails tonight/this week, so I’m going full speed ahead! (And…trying to find jobs at the same time, boy oh boy!)

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