essence of evil

Listening to “Shir Khan’s Radioshow at Fritz 3.23.2010 DJ Mix” by Siriusmo ♫
(Siriusmo is amazing and you should listen to him. Next Friday, his 2nd album Enthusiast releases and I am incredibly stoked about it! I listened to a few streams + previews and it's probably going to be in my top 5 albums of 2013, for sure.)

I'm going to try and post whatever progress shots of schoolwork I have left! I just noticed I had these in a desktop folder and went "…I should really post these already."

 This was for the last project of Subversive Style class, and it was just draw something along the lines of 'nature of evil'. As this was happening, thesis and chaos was happening around me. And my thumb got fucked up. I was tempted to draw something along the lines of that, but when I could draw, I had a short amount of time left to actually work on this.
 So I thought to myself "Let's draw a demon sitting on skulls being crazy and shit." That was my thought process in a nutshell. And I evoked some Yo-landi Vi$$er "Evil Boy" eye-boob music video inspiration, and put those eyes there. As for colors: I kinda just went with instinct and fun value.
Let's just say I don't want to draw skulls for a long time, hahaha!

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