Listening to “Congratulator” by Siriusmo ♫
(Read more in the entry, and Siriusmo is the best. And I can't wait to hear this song in higher quality!!)

As promised, 2 drawings for this Friday. Aren't you all proud of me for remembering?

I love spikes. I love the color scheme of red, white, and black to death. And I am feeling stoked for Siriusmo's Enthusiast, which is an album coming out on June 14th. Basically listening to "Congratulator" inspired the pose for the first drawing. I wanted a lot of funky, good vibes in it, so hopefully that comes through!

And a reminder that I can go full-on cartoony wonky. This character is Do from a comic that I made a book dummy of in junior year of college. I came across said comic in my external harddrive and fell in love with the idea again.

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