//sketch log 004

This was a warm-up for GH chapter 2 inking! I plan on making a progress post when I make more pages!
Listening to “Begin To Begin” by Lone ♫
(Lone is really awesome and you should listen to Galaxy Garden. Right now.)

Hey guys, sorry for missing last Friday again. I forgot and it was already midnight, hahahaha! I'll make up for the now two missing weeks this week - that's what I plan to do anyway!
It's been a while since the last sketch dump, so let's get that over with!
There are some completed works towards the end, so look at those too!

I love sketching Michael and his hair and his lankiness and his awkwardness. Gosh.

I ended up deleting these lines later on, hahahaha. Nope.

Doki Doki Precure fanart, incoming for this and the next two! I love my magical girls!

The next two Glass Hearts illustrations are available as prints at Society6, so check that out (and buy my shit).

This got #3 on the daily ranking of Anipan on June 1st, how awesome is that?!

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