GH ch02 / progress part 2 // 24/41 pages

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I'm so sorry for not updating in the longest time. Super focused on finishing chapter 2 as soon as I can, and feeling incredibly unsocial.

Also forgive me for the lack of screenshots. Not sure why I haven't been taking as many this time around, but whatever. Have I been working on anything else? No, not at all. Quite honestly, I really want to get this chapter done and over with. Considering I've been working on it since thumbnailing for the entirety of May. Let's just say I want to be able to make a chapter within 1-2 months. I am feeling pretty awful taking 3 months now. 
I haven't found a job yet, which might be a testament to this area just not having anything illustration-based. (Looking up job listings of "illustrator" and seeing just web and graphic design has been very discouraging.) I'm going to revamp my commission prices, and hopefully get something out of that. But yeah, starting next year I want to be able to move somewhere else with more illustrative opportunities. And I am really tired of living where I am. Sucking the life out of me, I swear!

BUT YEAH! Chapter 2! Working hard to finish that! Starting the 23rd, I won't be able to work on stuff as much due to family members I never met flying over here, and staying for 3-4 weeks!

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