GH ch02 / progress part 3 // 33/41 pages

Listening to: Chilly Gonzales - Self Portrait ♫♪
(He's featured on Daft Punk's latest album, a fantastic pianist, and also pretty good at rapping and singing. He also goes by simply "Gonzales".)

I finally finished this 3rd of 4 folders just now. I am so happy right now: less than 10 pages left, in the last page of script, and 33 pages done. I'm so tired of this chapter that I'm definitely taking a break between this one and chapter 3.
 Also to my lack of knowing, the relatives staying over here are not saying for 3 weeks, but a single month. So far it's been nice to see them. But because of this, I didn't work on pages for almost a week, and I got super rusty due to that. It was then I realized: no way am I letting anything get in the way of finishing this chapter in August.
 Bleacher nightmares, bleacher nightmares for life.
SAKKA YAROU ZE! / サッカー野郎ぜ! 
 When I re-sketched the Liam panel, I imagined a meme caption of "I'M SO HIGH RIGHT NOW". So great.
So, 8 more pages. Can I do it this week? Well, finally my graduation party is happening on Saturday, so I don't think it's gonna happen. Hopefully next week!

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