GH ch02 / progress part 4 // 41/41 pages

Listening to: 16 Horsepower - The Partisan ♫♪
(This band is the reason I no longer say "I don't like country music" and that I should really say "I don't like pop country." They're really really good, and it's a shame they're no longer together. Sackcloth 'N' Ashes, their first album, was what got me into them. I highly recommend trying them!)

 I have finally finished chapter 2! The fact it took 4 months from start to finish frustrates the heck out of me, but I'm so glad I'm finally here. I've gotten so exhausted of working on it.
 I have 15 pages that I noted to make some edits and/or redraws (of certain things) after finishing the chapter, so I'll get to those eventually. A lot of them are really minor/low effort edits, so I'm not stressing it too much.

As for chapter 3, I plan on starting that in September to give myself a break. I also have a freelance thing courtesy of a family member, so that might happen during said break. (I was wise to refuse the web design part of it after that experience of a first freelance gig, haha.)

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