Listening to: Ennico Morricone - Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (Hird Remix)
(Looking for a remix that does justice to the original song? This is one of them.)

Sorry for missing so many Fridays! Hopefully all these fashionable Charlies will make up for them! I love drawing him in various outfits. It's one of my favorite things to do!

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1: I don't draw the classic bunny girl outfit. I wanted to change that.
2: I love drawing fitted dress on Charlie. He looks so good in them! And instead of the usual thigh-high tights, I went for longer boots.
3: A more voluminous flare with some wooden elements.
4: If Charlie were a boy scout, his value would be weighed in gold.
(And by value, I mean his value in cuteness.)
5: After watching an episode of Phi Brain with the one effeminate male in a tied off t-shirt and shorts, I had to draw Charlie like that.
6: Inspired by an outfit in Vivienne Westwood Red Label SS2014 Ready-To-Wear line.
7: A relaxing, pastel night texting a special someone. ❤
8: Getting ready for an eventful night. Because you gotta go all the way.

Here's 3 Instagram photos because every once in a while, I post art on there. They're all Charlie related because fashion is Charlie goddammit. And more making up for all those Fridays I missed.

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