GH ch03 / progress part 2 // 17/34 pages

Listening to: Sam Frank - Simple Life ♫♪
(I haven't listened to this guy's other stuff - but if you appreciate vocoder and UK garage, you'll enjoy this song.)
 This is going to be a very short entry because I didn't take enough screenshots. November has been somewhat slower. Then again I did fit in two finished illustrations, and making the webcomic site. So I'll forgive myself for resting a little bit.

 The good news is that this is the halfway point of the chapter. For some odd reason, I left the page count at 41 in the previous entry when it's really 34. So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that.

The remainder of the chapter has something I want to draw in every page, so that's a good motivator. I'm confident in finishing it within December, which is right around the corner! Crossing my fingers for a new tablet this year since my trusty 7-year-old intuos3 is finally showing signs of use and age. I want to try a different brand since the other ones are cheaper than Wacom and have just as great reviews, so…yeah! Look forward to 2 more of these posts in December!

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