GH ch03 / progress part 2 // 25/34 pages

Listening to: Beyoncé - Rocket ♫♪
(Get with the program because Beyoncé released a new album at MIDNIGHT. I haven't listened to the entire thing as I'm on my first listen, but it's Beyoncé - y'all best get with the FIERCENESS, honey.)
 25/34, 73%, 12/5 → 12/11 (a week - wait, what?)
 I thought this batch took a while, not knowing I actually stepped it up. I feel slightly relieved, but I still want to hammer out chapters faster than this. I've written up to chapter 72, so I want to get all that out. I'm very impatient about this, what can I say? I don't want it to take forever to finish this comic.
 Starting from this page, I started using another brush preset that I downloaded. I don't remember who's it is, but it definitely changed the line quality from being super clean and not so varied to being super varied and more organic. I kinda like this better because it forces me to not be so precise.
 Sometimes I think to myself "Maybe I should handletter the dialogue?" - but that would take forever, to be honest.

Anyways, I finished 2 pages of the new batch yesterday. So I'm fairly confident that I'll finish this chapter soon. As for my next step, I'll be thumbnail-ing chapters 4 and 5. It's the first two parter, so that makes sense to me. That, and I want to get faster at knocking out chapters.

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