Listening to: Róisín Murphy - Simulation ♫♪
(Last week I decided to actually listen to a full album by Moloko and before I knew it, I was searching for the vocalist's solo stuff. This is from earlier this year, and gosh…I just love her voice. And she's featured on a few choice house tunes over the years. Now I patiently wait with everyone else for that third studio album.)

As I was drawing a Christmas picture, I remembered that I should draw something for this week's Fashionable Friday. This is based off of a color palette someone on Tumblr made from a Vincent Van Gogh piece:

I haven't done this kind of thing before and I've always wanted to - so I mixed that Charlie, and a furry shirt I found on Taobao. I was also messing with a sumi brush preset, so that was a lot of fun. Made me think back to painting with oils last year. Overally, I'm really happy with this.

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