VIDEO ✪ Just Who Is "Everyone"?

Alrighty, finally this video is uploaded-!!

I decided to make a new YT channel dedicated to just my art. I was going to convert my personal YT to one, but it's filled with years of personal history and unrelated uploads that I can't bear to delete. Setting up this new account was really annoying, but eventually I got it right. (Thanks a lot, Google.)

So this first video is of Glass Hearts chapter 5's key/splash illustration from ink to colors. I originally sketched it on paper, so that's why you didn't see that happen. Though I do re-sketch a few things in there.

Anyways, here are a few videos I want to do in the near future:
✪ A comic page, because why not? It won't be super plot-y, obviously.
✪ Fanart, because I gotta get those views. It'll be of something I enjoy and not just me bandwagoning, I promise. The first one will be of Precure, of course.
✪ …a speedpaint I guess. I'm not particularly speedy, but I'll try!

I also might attempt at the streaming feature and see how that goes.

So yeah! Lots of plans for this! I'm excited! YEAH!

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