GH ch06 / progress part 3 // 25/32

Listening to: Steve Reich - The Desert Music IIIc: Slow ♫♪
(Claude Speeed's FACT mix has put me in the mood for some Reich goodness.)

 So I am now 7 pages away from finishing this chapter. The only thing in my way is my wrist, which has been hurting quite a bit lately. So I'm trying really hard to take a day or two or more to rest it. It's not easy when I have all the motivation in the world.

 As you can tell, there's a whole lot of feelings going on.

 Still the same page. More sad.

 Still love this song. Hyping myself up for the next EP coming out this fall!

 I loved drawing this panel so much. All while listening to some footwork.

 The other window is actually another page. Gotta keep those consistent tones!

You look like a mess, Charlie.

 That song is the last one of that Claude Speeed mix I mentioned. If you never listened to it before, you really really should. It's beautiful.

 Slowly mastering the hand pose of "holding a smartphone".

This was when I realized I forgot to add backlighting like chapter 3. Good thing I only had to go through 3 pages for that. Also that mix is pretty good. Erlend has good taste. (Though he sounded off-key singing along to Phoenix's "If I Ever Feel Better".)

So yeah, it'll probably be a little bit longer before the next update than the other times. It's so hard because 1) I really want to finish this, 2) I want to thumbnail, and 3) I want to write a lot.

But the wrist demands rest. So I will give it that.

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