GH ch06 / progress part 2 // 17/32

Watching: Vinesauce

 So wow, I did 8 pages in 4 days. I feel good about this. We're halfway there! Just 15 pages left and chapter 6 will finally be done! I really oughta scan the thumbnails I have done so that I'm prepared to move onto the next chapter.

 This is probably my favorite page of chapter 6 so far. You can kinda see the basic layout up there, but that's only half the reason why.

 Also more Joanna! And I finally made an image of tone references because it's a hassle typing in hex codes.


 I hate backgrounds. But I guess I'm getting better at them.

 Look that song up on Soundcloud. It's really really good and I am addicted to it.

And I listen to Vinesauce in the background sometimes. And I'd take breaks from inking to watch it (if it's live). Again, pixellated text because spoilers.

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