GH ch05 / progress part 1 // 09/33

 Listening to: Lee Bannon - Search & Destroy (Feat. Chuck Inglish) ♫♪
(I don't have a firm handle of this guy's style yet since I'm only just getting into him, but he released his debut album on Ninja Tune last month (I think?). Let's just say he's for the more…well-adjusted, experimental electronic music listener.)
 But yay! I finally began chapter 5! I started on…April 3rd I want to say. That first screenshot was only page 2. Let's just say the first five-ish pages were more background intensive than usual. Also yes! The screenshot above this spiel is a double page spread! I realized after chapter 4: "Wait, I've only done one double-page spread. I should do more!" So this chapter has a whopping TWO double page spreads. I am going to be crying when I get to the next one.
Anyways, I am in silly page zone. The next batch entry will feature said other double page spread, so yeah…I'll try to take more screenshots next time! I am terrible with that from time to time.

Also! Chapter 2 on the website will be wrapping up this month. Check out the news over there for more info on the near future!

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