GH ch05 / progress part 2 // 17/33

 Listening to: Duck Sauce - Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph ♫♪
(If you haven't listened to Duck Sauce already, what is wrong with you? They finally released their album, Quack, this month and I've been repeating it like crazy. This song is one of my favorites just for the unadulterated joy that it gives me. For those who have listened to most of their stuff and are bummed out by previously-released songs, relax: the album versions are slightly different.)

Aw yeah, just short of a week since the first batch was done: and I finished the second one. Best part: the last portion of the batch was a double page spread, as I previously mentioned. Yep.

Most of this batch was just a whole lot of silliness and not much backgrounds. I actually put in backgrounds where I previously didn't plan on putting them. But I didn't stress it too much.

 I also did a whole lot of re-sketching, which was somewhat unexpected. Sometimes better ideas happen in the moment you're about to ink. Sometimes you just gotta save thinking about better ideas for later on. It's weird.

This was one of those cases as well. I thought of something that would flow better with the previous page. Previous idea was a good idea that would probably work in another scene in the future. Eh.

 Also if you haven't noticed: a whole bunch of new characters. (The chapter title should've gave that away.)  So I've had to look at this one screenshot I took like crazy. But I am OVER THE MOON about finally drawing these characters again that it's totally worth it.

I am very very very VERY pumped to draw the next scene, which the last double-page spread (pictured above) transitions to. What that scene entails is one reason why I love this revision of the comic the most. I think I've put in a lot of time and thought into weaving stuff together as a whole this time around.

So yeah! More pages to do! Halfway there! I can do this! Living on a prayer! On the edge of glory! Yeah!

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