GH ch05 / progress part 3 // 25/33

Listening to: Kyodai - Never Know (Original Mix) ♫♪
(They have a few new mixes lined up to be released in the spring and I can't wait to listen to them in full! They posted previews of them on their Soundcloud.)
 I can't even believe I worked this fast. It's been only three days since the last post. I guess this shows how serious I was when I said "I couldn't wait to draw this scene."
 There's only four screencaps because 1) the page-making machine couldn't be stopped, 2) I don't want to spoil this scene, and 3) I wanna go fast. Let's just say I used another brush preset heavily here, and then I went back to another one.
The next batch will be the last. I've been giving myself the goal of "1 batch folder of pages a week." It's nice that's been working out so far. But I'll cut myself some slack for the next one considering on the website, chapter 2 is about to end, and I need to 1) make the omake/author's notes, 2) the smaller in-between-chapter comics, and 3) upload chapter 3.

So yeah! Look forward to the next post! I'll try to mix it up and do a sketch log next.

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