//sketch log 010

Aw snap, finally we hit 10 sketch logs! Sorry for the ridiculous volume of comic posts in comparison to…other posts. (And missing all of the Fridays for Fashionable Friday - that haunts me every time I remember to feel haunted about.) But let's get down to business and dump these sketches!

This was a good time to get reacquainted with this style.

 Part 1 of this sketch period.

 Part 2 of this sketch period, pushing myself to git gud.
 Part 3 of this sketch period, the best part in my opinion. Making an alternate samurai costume here.
 And part 4 of this sketch period and I had to go do other things. C'est la vie~

 This was from one of my practice R-18 comics. Why don't you know about them? Because I don't ever post anything about them.
 The foundation of my new self-portraits. Kyary motivates me like no other.

 Everyone in cute little cartoony body vessels. (* ˘ v ˘ *)

 This may blind you, but it helped me at the time.

 Joanna sketches because chapter 4 had a whole lot of her, and I fell in love with her for the millionth time.
 Manga Studio sketches part 1. For some reason, I started to repeat that Letherette song and couldn't stop. Also still working on the feet thing.
 Manga Studio sketches part 2 - just wanted to draw a bunch of heads. Toshiya a cute (for once).
 Charlie circa winter.

 I can't help but draw Charlie a bunch of times I CANNOT HELP IT. You should know this by now.
 One of my super super recent sketches. I wanted to try putting color to this outfit that I've drawn I don't know how many times for the past 2 chapters.
To those who have followed me since 2007, you might recognize the girl on the right. And yes, I still want to do something with them. Whether they'd only appear in Project 217! or in their own comic. I saw them in my old yellow notebook and couldn't resist drawing them. (•˘ v ˘•)
(L > R: Sofia and Juanita)

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