GH ch05 / progress part 4 // 33/33

Listening to: mamenoi - Sh,57.101 ♫♪
(This is really really nice collab between a composer/arranger, MANYO, and vocalist, Yanagi Yagi (やなぎなぎ). Check out the really neatly animated preview/crossfade of it below.)

 Anyways, I'm finally finally finally done with this chapter. It felt like a long time, but I got it done within a month: my goal. There are things I want to fix or re-draw, but it's completely done for now. And my mind can finally be at ease.

 Again, this scene is slightly spoiler-iffic, so not many screenshots this time around.

I'll be taking a break after this to make more thumbnails, prepare for Glass Hearts' 8th anniversary (May 12th, by the way!), and just do other things. I've made enough of a buffer to take some more extended time if needed.

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