//sketch log 011

It's been forever since the last post, huh? Sorry about that! I took a massive break after working on chapters 4 and 5, and then I got preoccupied with other things. I finally started inking chapter 6 this month and I have been doing a freelance project (finally!!!). So eventually you will see the first progress post of that chapter. Also I did several edits for the first 5 chapters for the eventual release of volume 1 (eventual = when I have the money, which is not now).

For now, here's a MASSIVE sketch dump! Two and a half months of material!

The first Patreon sketch for the one backer (who happens to be a friend) who is donating enough to get a sketch (every month). Hime from HapiPre as a Team Fortress 2 spy.
 Juné Amou from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. I wanted to draw those massive drill tails at least once.

 Naru Ayase and Rinne from the same show as above. Wearing Aikatsu! jerseys and doing some training! My first request from a board I've been frequenting.

Momona and Ruby from Lady Jewelpet. This is my first attempt at both girls, clearly.

 Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future.

 So-Min from the same show as above. This swimsuit was too cute to not draw.

 Naru again with Miyuki Hoshizora from Smile Precure. With switched costumes because that is the cutest thing you could possibly do. This was a request that I was so pumped to do.

 There have been fan-run 1-day drawing challenges on Twitter in dedication to the 10th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise. I haven't participated in all of them. This is actually my first entry. The theme was 'summer civilian outfits', and I couldn't resist drawing Hime (HapiPre).

Otome Arisugawa (Aikatsu!), Alice Yotsuba (Doki Doki! Precure), and Urara Kasugano (Yes! Precure 5) enjoying lunch of curry. This was a request.

 The second sketch for that Patreon backer. Megumi from HapiPre (if you're wondering, Happiness Charge Precure!) in a shoddy Megatron costume. My first foray in anything remotely mecha, oh my god…

I hate this sketch, but my first Mirei from PriPara.

My first Lala Manaka from the same show as above. This coord was too cute to not draw. (And Lala too.)
Again, Mirei from PriPara. This time her normal and idol forms. The colors are based off of a magazine scan, so her normal version on the right is off from what she looks like in the show. 

Screenshot redraw of, again, Mirei from PriPara. Because she is adorable-pri!

My first Aira Harune from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream. I really felt like I was getting better at blending colors in Drawr with this sketch.

 Ann Fukuhara from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. Because she is the sweetest.

Ann and Mirei, because they both use pop fashion brands (loud colors mixed with super cute patterns, etc), voiced by the same voice actress, blue-themed, intelligent, and blonde. But their personalities are very different.
Digital painting practice because so help me I wanna get gud. Charlie's hair-fade is the most challenging thing to paint, my god.
 Another Precure 1-day challenge. This day's theme was just Ayumi Sakagami / Cure Echo from the New Stage films. I've wanted to draw her for the longest time, so this was very satisfying to do. Also digital painting practice, yeah! Gotta gain that confidence!

 A sketch request of Otoha Takanashi from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. She's one of my favorites.


The following sketches are from yesterday after a couple of days of not drawing digitally.
 Artistic nude. I am getting better at bodies, I swear. I swear this isn't for non-artistic purposes.
 I'm currently writing the summer arc in Glass Hearts, so this is the summer version of Charlie. Yup, his hair color will change throughout the comic.
I love this sketch too much. Hngh…
 I drew Peter's eyes too narrowly, but I was too arsed to redraw them. Just wanted to paint him.
 Since chapter 6 begins with some Noah, I wanted to draw him a couple of times before getting back into inking. Those lucious long locks.
The two matchmaker romantics of Glass Hearts. ( ˘ w˘ )ノ♡

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