GH UPDATES + ch06 / progress part 1 // 09/32

It's time for a longly overdue update post!

Listening to: スーパーセックス永遠にSUPERSEX420
"スーパーセックス永遠にR A D I O" ♫♪
I've recently discovered another "wave" genre and getting myself immersed in it. If you ever wonder what vaporwave is: think 80s aesthetic with filter house and some Japanese sampling from time to time. This artist I'm listening to is one example of that.

Let's begin with website updates: the official website is posting chapter 3 still. The comic is also at Inkblazers.com, and chapter 2 is about to be done over there. So that's exciting!

Also I edited chapters 1-5 for the eventual self-publishing of volume 1, so that's also exciting. I think I did that last month. Yeah, I think I did.

 Anyways, earlier this month I got into more thumbnailing. I not only finished chapter 7 thumbnails (which took me forever and a half to do), but also chapters 8 and 9 really quickly. I got into a groove, that's all I can say. The screenshot above shows what my thumbnails typically look like (of course without the black panel borders.) Apparently this is more detailed than what people actually do, but eh - I can't imagine simplifying it more because I wouldn't be able to understand it.

I do my panel layouting and typesetting along with setting the thumbnail into the sketch folder before inking. Color-coded folders are the best thing ever. Also I don't think I planned on that background. Sometimes I let myself improv.

Fun fact: I have played the Touhou Project games. So I have a reasonable reason to be heavily into arrange albums.
Anyways, me looking for references.

 A lot of stuff happens in June (UNLIMITED BIRTHDAY WORKS), so I focused on that stuff rather than inking. So later that month, I finally touched the .psds.

 It was awkward going onto Google Images. For the first time, I used SafeSearch because oh man all I want is good references. This is my first time drawing a public restroom toilet, by the way.

 This is probably not what a public-bathroom-edition!toilet paper dispenser looks like, but I made an attempt anyway.

 Shoutouts to all my artist friends: you should try drawing a smartphone with lots of decorations and jewels on it.

No sense of mood whatsoever.

Finally listened to this album in full. It's aiight, but I need more listens to grasp what I think about it. My favorites are the title track and "High Ball Stepper".

 I've been addicted to Soundcloud lately and I've come across so many artists that I love now! Also I need to make a proper tone reference in image form already.

And finished!

As far as I can tell, I have all clear time to go forward with the next batch of pages!

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